The easy, economical and professional way to chlorinate your pool -automatically. Hayward's efficient, corrosion proof automatic feeders install easily on new or existing pools or spas and hold up to 9 lbs. of large or small Tri-Chlor slow dissolving tablets or sticks.

The sticks are enough to provide a three week supply of chlorine sanitizer for large pools and longer for smaller pools. The easy to use integral dial control valve lets you accurately adjust the rate of chlorination needed to keep your pool sparkling pure and inviting.


  • EASY-LOK COVER ASSEMBLY has thread-assist mechanism to provide dependable sealing plus convenient access for adding tablets or sticks.
  • CHLORINE CHAMBER has extra large capacity. CL-100 series feeders hold up to 4.2 lbs. of Tri-Chlor tabs, while the larger CL-200 series has a 9 lb. capacity to meet the requirements of all sizes and types of pools. Corrosion proof, versatile design accommodates large or small slow-dissolve tablets or sticks.
  • DIAL REGULATING VALVE is easy to use and lets you control and adjust the rate of feed for your pool's variable requirements and chlorine demand.
  • FEEDER TUBE provides controlled outlet flow of highly concentrated chlorinated water plus serves as an auto air relief to expel entrapped air from the chlorine chamber.
  • VERSATILITY for new or existing pools. Select either direct in-line or off-line unit to make installation easy for your pool or spa system.
  • CL-100 and CL-200 IN-LINE FEEDERS are furnished with 1 �" FPT threaded inlet and outlet. For rigid PVC piping installations 1 �" socket flush union connectors are available to provide a professional installation that allows for future service.
  • Optional Union Connectors
  • CL-110 and CL-220 OFF-LINE FEEDERS install next to filter systemandwork on system pressure differential. Connects easily with compression couplings for new or existing system. All necessary connectors and tubing are furnished with each feeder.
  • Saddle Clamp Assembly.For easy installation in system piping.
  • New economical automatic chlorine feeders sized to handle the sanitizing needs of most residential pools. They have 4.2 lbs. capacity and feature an incremental dial control valve for accurate metering of feed rate.

CAUTION: Hayward automatic chlorine feeders are designed to use only Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione tablets (or sticks) -slow dissolving type. Consult your pool dealer for complete information.