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Massive 10" Top Rail with stylistic enhancements. Injection Molded with Virgin Polymer Resin fir superior strength and durability.

Extra wide Ribbed Upright, Injection Molded with Virgin Polymer Resin for superior strength and color coordinated with Toprail and Wall.

Massive Cap Sets, molded from Virgin Polymer Resin. Simple two (2) piece construction to ensure a tailored fit. WARNING NOTICE molded in 1" high letters on every cap set:"DO NOT JUMP, DO NOT DIVE, 4 FEET DEEP."

Extra wide polymer resin top and bottom joiners, affording increased footing spread supports for uprights and curved rails where joined.


  • Wall extra protected with hop dipped galvanized copper bearing steel G90. Diamond coated protection applied wall on face side. Epoxy coated on inside for additional rust resistance.
  • Deep ribbed corrugated wall for increased strength and flexibility during and after installation.
  • Easily assembled wall bar connectors with reinforced aluminum bars affixed - joined with 33. 1/4"-20 X 5/8 truss head stainless bolts and 1/4"-20 stainless nuts for superior strength.
  • Pre-punched thru the wall skimmer and return outlet openings for ease of installation and liner protection.


Large curved wall rails 1" X 3/4" encircle entire poll wall at the bottom.

Each pool is supplied with an array of safety related pamphlets. Signs and stickers. This material is provided to educate and remind all pool users of the extreme importance of safe conduct in and around the pool.

Distributor: Failure to comply with all safety signs and all pool safety rules may result in serious permanent body injury.

Product safety is the joint responsibility of the manufacturer and end user (consumer). Failure to comply with all caution signs and all pool safety rules may result in serious permanent body injury, These products are in conformance with the voluntary approved standards for aboveground/on ground residential swimming pools. ANSI/NSPI-4 1999 or latest revision

These pools are designed for swimming only - they are not designed for diving, jumping or sliding. Do not stand sit or walk on top rail.

All products depicted are supplied with a limited a warranty issued by the company. Copies of which are available fir at all authorized dealers, distributors.

All size, weights, measurements, illustrations and other specifications are approximate. The company reserves the right to make changes without notice at any time in color, specification, or prices on models, and also discontinue models. Specification subject to change without notice. Jumping, diving, or sliding devices are not permitted with this pool.


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