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 The Pool Ion Ionization System 
 Pool ion ionizer
The Pool Ionics Ionizer is a American Made Sanitizing System that is a cut above the rest. Our Ionizer is more effective, economical, and reliable than than any other on the market. Our Ionizer makes use of the natural sanitizing properties of Silver and Copper to give you a clear chemical-free swimming pool. With our Ionizer, you will realize a lower cost of ownership and more freedom from maintenance and cleaning your pool.The Pool Ionics Ionizer was designed by a Retired Army Corp. of  Engineers Officer who worked in the pool industry for nearly two decades after retiring from The Service. Pool Ionics delivers an Exceptional American Product with Exceptional American Service. We utilize the same technology pioneered on space shuttle flights for the purification of drinking water to keep your pool clean.

With the Pool Ionics Ionizer, you can say goodbye to Chlorine Tablets or Hydrogen Peroxide based Chemicals. Sensitive skin? Chemical Allergies? We got you covered! When using your Pool Ionics Ionizer, you never need Chlorine Tablets again! Our Control unit offers 1 to 99 range of output control which helps you realize the most savings from your Ionizer because you're not saving money if you have to replace your electrodes every year or more.

 Speaking of Electrodes (The Part of the Ionizer that contains the Copper and Silver), ours last on average between 3-5 years and cost nearly the same as the competitions which need to be replaced YEARLY. Pool Ionics electrodes are made with pure copper and silver; No Alloys or fillers, just "the good stuff". We use 2.5 pounds of pure C110 Copper to kill bacteria and germs. This copper is dividing into two bars and each copper bar is infused with 1 gram of pure .999 Silver for additional sensitization. That's a total of 2 grams of .999 pure silver and 2.5 pounds of C110 Copper! 

Unlike the competition, our ionizer comes with everything you need; A Copper Test Kit ($30 Value), Control Unit, Electrodes, and 1.5" threaded PVC plumbing assembly, and a detailed user manual. Pool Ionics stands by their product with a 1 year manufacturer "No Hassle" warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Our Ionizer can Handle a pool of up to 30K capacity without a problem; Great for Above ground or In-Ground use!  

That's great, but what exactly is Ionization?
Ionization has been around a very long time with it's fundamentals dating back to the brilliant British scientist Micheal Faraday in the late 1700's. However, it wasn't until the Space Race that Ionization as we know it today came about. Below is an excerpt from The University of Southern California's Illumin online magazine explaining the history and science of Ionization.
"NASA began developing spacecraft water purification systems for the Gemini program in the 1960s to back up water supplies brought from Earth [2]. Its first successful spinoffs in this area came from Apollo-era technology, though. For the lunar missions, NASA developed a lightweight water purifier the size of a cigarette pack that was designed for minimal power consumption and monitoring. Later, a private company obtained NASA's permission to modify the purifier for commercial and industrial use. The commercial system passes a small electrical current through copper and silver electrodes, releasing ions into the water being purified. The ions kill bacteria and algae in the water by breaking down their enzymes, and the ions and dead organisms are then filtered out of the water. This is similar to the way that chlorine is used in swimming pools, but metallic ions are more stable and less irritating to the human body than chlorine ions. This water purification system is now used in swimming pools, fountains, and cooling towers"



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